We Bring Comfort to your Pet’s Life

Memory foam has revolutionised the way that we sleep. Carpenter now brings a luxurious level of comfort to your pets with the introduction of Snugpets. The beds are designed to mould to your pet’s body shape as they rest. The pressure distributing qualities of memory foam will support aching limbs and help give a more refreshing and restful sleep.

A generously filled memory foam crumb pet bed. Snugpets beds have a removable outer cover which is machine washable, to keep your pet bed looking fabulous, even in the winter months.Available in 2 sizes:Medium 65 x 47cm
Large 106 x 70cm

(unfilled size)

The foam in this product complies with the requirements
of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended) at the time of manufactureFor further details or stockists, please e-mail or telephone
01457 892400 and ask for Customer Help Desk.Snugpets® is a registered name of Carpenter Company.

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