Care instructions

Whether travelling or at home these memory foam products are anatomically designed to assist in the relief of pressure on sensitive areas, to promote correct body and spine alignment, give superior levels of comfort and support, and to help give a more restful night’s sleep.

General Use and Care Instructions for Memory Foam Toppers and Pillows

Mattress Toppers

Remove from the packaging and leave to take shape in a well ventilated room for 24 hours. The memory foam mattress topper is designed to fit on top of your existing mattress and underneath your mattress protector (if fitted) and bed sheet.

You may notice a “new foam odour” when the item is removed from the packaging. This is “normal” and the odour will dissipate within a few hours if aired in a well ventilated room. Although unlikely, some people may be hyper-sensitive to the ‘new foam odour’ and if so we recommend that they do not use the product.

Should you need to move the mattress topper at a later date we recommend that you roll or fold before moving. Please do not ‘’pull or tug’’ the topper as you may cause damage.

Please note the topper sizes are slightly undersized to that of your normal mattress. This allows a fitted sheet to be used without puckering or compressing the mattress topper.


Remove from packaging and allow to air in a well ventilated room before using.


The colour of the memory foam may discolour after a period of time. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the mattress topper or pillow.

Memory foam is non-allergenic – it is not known to cause an allergic reaction.

It is recommended that you do not use electric blankets with a memory foam topper.

Wash and Care Instructions

Memory Foam Cores – Do not wash or dry clean. If the item becomes soiled, spot clean only with warm water and a mild detergent. Allow to dry naturally away from sunlight.

Covers – If the product is supplied with a cover please refer to the wash-care instruction label attached to it.


Carpenter Ltd’s Polyurethane Foam (CMHR and CMP) complies with the requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988, SI 1324 (as amended) at the time of manufacture.