More Innovation from Carpenter Consumer

Carpenter UK’s

fast growing consumer division is launching its first ever fibre-filled specialist pillow duo and a brand new mattress enhancer.

The Glossop-based division of the international foam and fibre group is introducing the new launches under the company’s rapidly rising ‘sleep better’ brand.

Featuring a temperature regulating pillow, a soothing pillow and memory

foam enhancer,  the new additions to the ‘sleep better’ portfolio are unashamedly high-end and designed to meet the niche needs of the increasingly savvy shopper.

Said Gillian Finch who leads Carpenter’s consumer division: “People are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their knowledge and needs when it comes to bedding accessories. In addition to fulfilling its primary function, they are now looking for products that offer added benefits or solutions for a host of needs.”

The new ‘sleep better’ Cool Comfort pillow features Outlast, a temperature regulating fabric cover. Designed to absorb body heat, store it and release it back when the body cools down, Outlast keeps temperature and humidity levels

within the pillows at an optimum range for restful sleep. Eliminating temperature swings reduces the likelihood of waking up levitra 5mg buy uk from under or overheating.

The ‘sleep better’ Theracool is a pillow which contains a gel pearl insert that can be frozen or heated to be either cooling or warming.  When used to cool, the gel pearl chills the back of the neck and can aid sleepers with headaches, migraines or those who feel warm in bed. When warmed, the pillow helps to soothe and relax tired shoulders and so aid restful sleep.

Both the Cool Comfort and Theracool pillows are 100% cotton and filled with a low denier micro-fibre, which has excellent rebound properties, is non-allergenic and the ultimate in luxury. They retail at around £40.

The new ‘sleep better’ mattress enhancer is an easy-to-fit product adding both an additional layer of comfort and an element of mattress protection. It includes an enhancing  layer of memory foam quilted into the cover offering a two-in-one bedding product, packaged in an easy to take home carton.

All three new ‘sleep better’ products are now available.

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