Carpenter Launches New Temperature Regulating Concept

Carpenter has launched a brand new temperature regulating product under its ‘sleep better’branded  range of foam mattresses and toppers.

Clima Plus is a phase changing layer, encased between two layers of foam to help the user achieve the optimum sleeping temperature.

It works by absorbing excess heat when the body’s temperature rises and releasing again when it drops, keeping the body at a constant temperature – not too hot or too cold.

Said Gillian Finch, national sales manager for Carpenter’s consumer division: “Clima Plus is not a cooling or heating tool – it has been designed to keep the user at their best sleeping temperature. This in turn reduces disturbance through the night, helping to aid a restful night’s sleep.”

The layer

is encased between a 10-15mm foam layer, incorporating punched holes to assist active

air flow.

 ‘sleep better’ is made by Carpenter UK, which is part of a global manufacturer of foam based products. The company produces ranges under the Snug Pets, Snug Kids and ‘sleep better’ brands. It also has a carpet underlay division. For more information visit, email or call 01457 892400.