A New Look For ‘sleep better’

‘sleep better’, the consumer division cialis generique of Carpenter UK, has developed contemporary, new packaging for its roll pack mattresses and pillows.

The new look features an erganomic design, making it easy to store and stack, as well as a visual overview of the product.

Said Gillian Finch, national sales manager for the consumer division at Carpenter: “The

new design has been carefully developed to reflect the innovative and modern products that we design and manufacture.

“The visual aspect, which

includes a product overview was an important addition. With so many options on the market it is essential for the consumer to quickly establish what a ‘sleep better’ accessory can offer them compared to other brands.

‘sleep better’ is made by Carpenter UK, which is part of a global

manufacturer of foam based products. The company produces ranges under the Snug Pets, Snug Kids sildenafil madrid and ‘sleep better’ brands. It also has a carpet underlay division. For

more information visit www.carpenterconsumer.co.uk, email sleepbetter.uk@Carpenter.com or call 01457 892400.